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Certified Legal Translations in 90+ Languages

Legal Document Translations for Law Firms and Legal Professionals

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Almost a Hundred Languages to Choose From!

With nearly a hundred languages to choose from, we can provide legal document translation and notarized document translations with a wide array of languages ready for you to pick! 

100% Quality Guaranteed

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com believes in excellency, thus hiring only the best of the best. Our company’s translators are strictly from the top 1% of translators globally. We also pride ourselves in having translators who not only have an expertise in over 90 different languages, but also have team leadership skills. Furthermore, all translations go through a double review to ensure you get top-tier quality every time you order from us. Interested? Get a legal document translation in Korean, Arabic, English, or any other language. Call us now!

Same-Day Delivery Service

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com can send out fully translated outputs of your requests in 1-2 business days, depending on the length of your document. However, if you need the document much faster, we have an option that can give you your request within the day! Choose the Urgent Translation option and you can expect your work to be sent to your email on the same business day! Choose us, and you will get your documents faster than those you can find when you Google “Legal document translation service near me.”

Your Data Privacy, Safety, and Security Assured

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com values your privacy so it shields its system with state-of-the-art encryption. We take your data privacy very seriously so we only use the best up-to-date data security systems to keep your credit card information and other data safe from prying eyes. Get your secure, quick, and accurate legal translation services today!

Our Translation Process

Your Certified Legal Translation Service

In this modern day and age, the dire need for a reliable and trustworthy provider of legal translation in Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, and many other rich languages, have grown rapidly. Understanding this high level of need and high demand for quality translation services, we are your perfect partner in legal document translation. We also have law professionals in different provinces, regions, and countries who are experts and native speakers of the language. It is with confidence that we can say that we can competently provide your legal translation needs. Call us for a reliable and fast translation today!

What Do We Offer?

Professional translators at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com can handle any project and translation request in over 90 languages. Among the most common translation services we can bring to the table are:

  • Legal Contracts
  • Depositions
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Divorce Documents
  • Business Documents
  • Last Will and Testaments
  • Immigration Documents (USCIS)

For Current Translation Requirements

With the rising demand for translation services, choosing a reliable legal translation service can be quite a challenge. We know for a fact that being bilingual does not mean you have the ability to translate legal documents. A legal document translator must not only know multiple languages and dialects, but they must also speak legalese. You need more than a bilingual translator. You need a multilingual legal document translator, and we have many of them here at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com! Why waste your time looking for amateurs when we have many professionals ready to translate your requests anytime, anywhere! Call now for a legal document translation today!

Speed and Precision

We have built our company on the pillars of speed and accuracy. OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com ensures world-class quality and speed in every legal document translation project given to us. Furthermore, we want to make sure you see your results as soon as possible so you can meet your deadlines, so we finish most translations in 1-2 business days! In fact, we can even go faster. We can accommodate urgent orders and finish these legal document translation services within the same business day! In just a few hours, you can have an accurate high-quality translated document at the palm of your hands.

Guaranteed Cooperation and Accuracy

As an international company, we have professional customer service teams on call at all times. We cover all time zones, and whenever you send us an email or call our hotlines, you will be communicating with friendly professionals. Please contact us at any time! Try our services right now.

Begin With a Few Easy Steps

We are constantly improving our user interface to make all transactions as quickly and straightforward. Our encrypted checkout page ensures a secure transaction, and our teams will begin working on your document right away. Order a translation right now, and you’ll be done in less than five minutes.

How It Works

The procedure is simple and can be completed in less than five minutes. If you order a translation, we will begin working on it right away.

Choose Your Service Speed and Type

Choose the languages and services you require. Documents with text on both sides are counted as two pages. We charge a flat rate per page.

Hand Over Your Documents

Take a clear photo of your documents and send it through the upload button. You may also send it via fax or email.

Place Your Order

With just a few clicks, you can have your legal document translation request in the palm of your hand! The ordering process can take as little as two minutes. If you have questions, please give us a call, and our 24/7 customer service providers will gladly walk you through the process.

Receive Your Translation

We will complete the translation and send it to you via email within 1-2 business days. If you request an urgent translation, we will deliver it to you the same day.

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Our Process

We will assign your legal documents to a certified legal translator who will translate them into Chinese, English, or any of the 90+ languages we offer. Once your translation is finished, our editors will perform two quality control checks to ensure complete accuracy. The document will then be certified and notarized as necessary before being returned to you.

A Globally Recognized Leader in Legal Document Translation Services

We acknowledge the importance of accuracy in translating legal documents. All it takes is one minute error in grammar or spelling to send your chances of getting your legal documents approved astray. Such documents are sensitive in nature, because even small errors can spell disaster for the document owners. It is, therefore, our priority to ensure your legal documents are accepted smoothly, and to do so OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com employs only the most trustworthy legal translators in Chinese, English, and all the principal languages worldwide! The best of the best, if you will. OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com has been translating legal documents into many languages for many years now, thus earning the trust of many governments and private institutions globally. Get a translation now!

The Most Accurate Translations on the Market

OfficialDocumentTranslation.com’sdedication to quality is unwavering. Our translation jobs are subjected to stringent quality control checks by seasoned translators with years of experience. We strive for perfection at all times to save everyone time by eliminating the need for revisions. Try us out right now!

Certified Top-Rated Official Document
Translation Services in Over 90 Major Languages

We are the most qualified official translation agency to handle your translation needs
in more than ninety languages.

Call now, and one of our friendly professionals will be there to help you at all times.

Certified Topnotch Foreign Language Translations in over 90 Languages

Whether it’s English to Spanish or any of the over ninety languages we specialize in, we are the best company for your translation needs.  Call us, and our friendly professionals will always be on duty to assist you.

Testimonials and Reviews

OfficialDocumentTranslation.com values every business relationship with our customers. Here are a few quotes from people who have been complimentary about us.

When our grandparents in the U.S. passed away a year ago, they left us with a rather complicated way of splitting our inheritance. Thanks to OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com’s excellent legal translation in Chinese of the English Document, our siblings in Beijing were able to understand what was left behind to each of us. A document that could have been misinterpreted a thousand times became a straightforward will that everybody understood! Not to mention a document sent to us the day after we ordered it. Thank you, OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com!

Christian Ong, Chicago, U.S.A.

Not only was the translation perfect and quick, but their customer service was impeccable! They were so gentle and understanding with me as they walked me through the processes! I was happy with the way this company translated my Arabic documents into the English language. I highly recommend going to OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com for an excellent legal document translation service.

Ghaada Raniyah Amari, California, U.S.A

Why Should You Use OfficialDocumentTranslation.com As Opposed to Another Translation Agency

OfficialDocumentTranslation.com has a reputation for dependability and prompt service with the 24/7 availability of our multilingual translation and customer service teams. Consequently, we can commence translation as soon as you complete your order. Our delivery time is between one and two days, and we guarantee same-day delivery on all urgent orders. We are the preferred translation agency.

Why Choose The Translation Group for Your Language Translation Services?

A Google search for translation companies will yield hundreds of results. The problem is, are they reliable, cheap, accurate, and discreet? How can you be sure they are not burying your business with faulty translations and not selling your personal information to unscrupulous people?

At The Translation Group, you can rest easy. We follow strict corporate guidelines, undergo constant quality control inspections, and are here for the long run. We have been in business for many years, and we intend to keep improving in the years to come. Quality is never a work accident. At least, not for us! Call us now!

Samples of Our Professional Translation Services

OfficialDocumentTranslation.com is proud of its translation work. Here are samples of our language translation services.

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Marriage Certificate


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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Document Translation

Accordion Sample DescriptionYes! We specialize in translation for legal procedures. Like all our translation projects, we can deliver it in 1-2 business days, even faster if the client requires it through the “Urgent” delivery option. We pride ourselves in our wide array of legal translators that hail from the top 1% in the legal translation industry. We only employ native speakers who have mastered not only the Chinese Language, but also the language of the legal world! They have been doing this for many years, so we can rest assure that you get the best quality at the best speeds that this industry can provide. Our translation services are available in nearly 100 languages in many countries around the globe. Call us anytime, anywhere, and we will be glad to help you
Accordion Sample Description Yes, we do! We provide legal translation in more than 90 other languages worldwide.
Yes, you can find certified legal translation services with OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com. We hire only well-seasoned and certified experts to accomplish all the legal document translation services we have to offer. OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com is globally recognized as a premier translation company in almost 100 languages all over the world.

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The Lead Online Legal Translation Services Provider in the World

A legal document is a crucial document that cannot afford errors, late submissions, and complications. We understand the dire need for accuracy and urgency in certified translations of legal documents. OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com employs strictly the top 1% legal translators in Malay, English, and close to 100 other languages. Thanks to our comprehensive and meticulous internal systems, there is no room for erroneous translations, and we are proud of that fact. With OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, you don’t have to waste precious time and money for good quality translation services.

There is no need to search for “Legal document translation service near me” when you have OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com ready to serve you in the best way possible. 

Translation Service Features:

24/7 Customer Support

Fast Turnaround

Includes Notarization Certificate if Requested

Complete Accuracy

Professional Privacy and Security