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Eloquence and Mastery of the Foreign Language is Key

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com hires translators who speak the local language fluently, may it be in Mexico, Italy, South Korea, the United States, or anywhere else in the world. We can guarantee that our translations are always going to be in accordance with the grammar and spelling of its region and will not be misunderstood by native speakers, government agencies, and private institutions. If you need a Mexican medical document translation to English, we will use native Mexican-American translators to ensure the accuracy of the finished documents. Therefore, you need not be concerned about getting lost in translation when working with us. Say goodbye to awkward mistranslations! When you think “document translation”, think “Online Document Translation Services”.

Professional Multilingual Translators

Are you having a hard time looking for language translation services for legal documents? Can’t find services for medical document translation? How about business document translation services? Then you have come to the right place. Birth certificates, medical reports, and even business documents can be translated into a wide array of nearly 100 other languages by Online Document Translation Services’s team of highly qualified and experienced translators. If you’re looking for quality, speed, and range, OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com is the perfect translation partner for you.

Completed Translations on the Same Day

Generally speaking, our standard delivery time frame is one to two business days, depending on the length of the document. However, we also accept “Urgent” requests and will translate your document into English and over 100 other languages on the same day. That’s right! In just a few hours!
Impressed? Contact OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com now for all of your document translation needs.

On-Call 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!

Customers all over the world do not have to wait for the start of a business day to have their documents translated because we keep staff on duty around the clock. You can have your Mexican birth certificate translated into English or any other language at any time with us. We believe that accuracy and quality wait for no one! At OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, every hour is a working hour.

Accuracy is Guaranteed

Tired of googling “Doc translator” only to find expensive amateur translation services? Well, here at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com we don’t settle for amateurs. Not only do we have a wide array of highly specialized professionals in the field of linguistics and the top 1% in the translation industry, but we also train our translators to become project managers. Equipped with leadership skills, team spirit, and expertise in foreign language, every doc translator monitors each task for quality and timeliness. Our world-class performance consistently helps us obtain jobs from government and commercial entities. As a result, we have high confidence in our document translation services.

The Most Efficient Spanish-English Translators

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com believes that our customers deserve strictly the best. We also understand that such documents are crucial and have no room for errors. This is why we hire only from the industry’s best 1% of translators. This ensures that you will only receive the most accurate and verified document translations from English to Korean and 90+ other languages. We also translate a variety of other immigration and business documents. We work with both the private and public sectors and come highly recommended because of our efficiency and history of customer satisfaction.

Data Privacy Is Our Priority

In this day and age, the most important thing in the world is data. There is a dire need to protect our information from prying eyes. Here at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, we make sure our translators not only have extensive industry experience and are known for the integrity of their work, but also respect and value the principle of privacy and confidentiality. They sign non-disclosure agreements and are kept up to date on data privacy issues on a regular basis. Furthermore, we protect our servers with the most recent and state-of-the-art data security and encryption software. As a result, at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, your personal information is always secure.

International Notarizations and Certifications

On a regular basis, OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com provides translation services for immigration, commercial, and other purposes. We stay up to date on the latest rules and make sure that our translations fully comply with them. So, if you need a trustworthy company to translate birth certificates with certification and notarization, give us a call! Now is the best time to get a translation with the best translation company out there!

Translations of the Highest Quality at the Lowest Price

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com guarantees that you will receive certified translations at a reasonable price. In addition, you won’t have to waste time and money on expensive revisions and rework with us because our document translation services are error-free, peer-reviewed, and quality-checked before submission, saving you both time and money.

It Takes Only Five Minutes

After you click the “Order Translation” button, we will immediately begin working on a certified translation of your document. Whether it is a lengthy business letter or a highly detailed medical document translation you need from us, we’ll have it done ASAP with the best quality the market can give! All it takes is a few clicks, and before you know it, you’ve got a world-class quality translated document in your email. Simply follow the steps below and contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly customer service representatives will gladly help you no matter what time of the day!

How It Works

The process of obtaining an accurate document translation from us is very simple and straightforward.
Simply follow the four simple steps below, and we’ll begin translating your document immediately.

Pick your speed and service type.

First, you must send us a list of languages you wish to have your document translated and specify what kind of service you wish to receive. If your document cannot wait 1 to 2 business days, fear not! We have an “Urgent” option that allows you to receive your document within the same day!
Please note that flat fees are charged for each page. For example, there are two pages in a document with text on both the front and the back.

Submit your documents to us.

Make sure to take a clear picture of your documents with a digital camera or a smartphone. Once finished, kindly click the “Upload” button to send it to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send a fax and email.

Put in your order.

Make sure to state all extra services that you need (e.g., notarization, certification, etc.)

Order, and you shall receive ASAP!

Within one to two days, depending on the length of the documents, we’ll be able to email the complete translated documents to our clients. However, if you availed for the “Urgent” translation service on the checkout page, you would get the completed documents by the end of the day.

Best Pick for Immigrants, Students, Businesspeople, and Others

Some industries, such as immigration and academia, require specific translation formats to be recognized by private institutions and government agencies. Our translators in OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com are very familiar with such structures, so they will have no trouble assisting you whether it is a medical document translation, business document translations, or report translations. Our translators can easily translate your English documents into Spanish or any of the other roughly 100 languages we support. We can assure that the quality, speed, and credibility of our translators make us the best pick for all types of document translation services.

Your Best Choice for Comprehensive Language Solutions

You can count on OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com when you’re in dire need of assistance when it comes to translation issues! We can assist you with any document translation service you require for immigration, international studies, or other purposes. Due to our impressive reputation on timeliness and quality, we are able to work with various governments and major institutions, so we understand how to meet a variety of requirements. We can assist you with all of your language requirements.

Confidently Speak With the International Community

We strive for speed and quality beyond all borders! Any document from Mexico can be translated, formatted, and sent to the United States and other countries. With our world-class translation solutions, you can do it at any time. Why waste your time and money on companies that cannot serve you as well as we can? Choose excellence. Choose Online Document Translation Services.

Certified Topnotch Foreign Language Translations in over 90 Languages

Whether it’s English to Spanish or any of the over ninety languages we specialize in, we are the best company for your translation needs.  Call us, and our friendly professionals will always be on duty to assist you.

Testimonials and Reviews

Thousands of birth certificates have been translated by OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com as part of its language solutions for immigrants, international students, and others. Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

“I needed my birth certificate translated, but I was short on time. I contacted OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com after hearing about them from a cousin who had previously done his document translations. Their translation was flawless, and they worked quickly!”

Yasmin Martins Ribeiro, Tijuana, Mexico

“OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com is a trustworthy company. They processed my credentials quickly and correctly. They are the best at translating birth certificates for my family. Their service is quick, precise, and reasonably priced”.

Nicolas Oliveira Fernandes, Maracay, Venezuela

Our Translation Process


Samples of Our Professional Translation Services

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com is proud of its work. Here are samples of our language translation services.

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Why Choose The Translation Group over Other Translation Companies.

The Translation Group is a first-rate translation company with a track record of reliability and quick service. We have teams of multilingual translation and customer service agents ready to serve 24 hours a day. Because of that, we can commence translation at any time. Our speed is unmatched with our 1-2 days delivery service and the express same-day delivery guarantee for urgent orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

OfficialDocumentTranslation.com employs superior human translators who are native speakers of their given languages. This allows us to provide translations that are both factually and culturally accurate. We utilize the top translators in every industry and locale, and we guarantee the most precise translations for you. Other sworn translation service providers cannot ensure that their work is devoid of potentially objectionable terms. This risk is more evident for translation agencies that utilize translation software.
Yes. We provide Spanish sworn translator services and sworn translations in more than 90 languages. Our translators are the finest in the industry, and the quality of our work is guaranteed. You need not search for “sworn Spanish translator near me.” That’s us, right here. Request a translation now!
That action is unnecessary. OfficialDocumentTranslation.com maintains a 24-hour workforce of experienced and trained sworn translators and other professionals. We will swiftly respond to your query, provide you with the most affordable sworn translation rates, and begin working on your translation and notarization needs. We will react faster than Google search results for " sworn Spanish translator near me."

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Why Should You Pick OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com Over Other Translation Service Providers?

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com provides services that are prompt, accurate, and reasonably priced. We consistently serve over 500 companies and tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Our track record speaks for itself. Simply put, we are the best in the business!

Translation Service Features:

24/7 Customer Support

Fast Turnaround

Complete Accuracy

Complete Privacy

Certified Foreign Language Translations in More Than Ninety Languages

You know our capabilities and what we have to bring to the table, so now it’s time to get the job started. Order a translation now, and our friendly multilingual staff will be happy to assist you.