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 We Translate Close to100 Languages

 We Translate Nearly 100 Languages!

Receive world-class quality translator services on the same day! We’ll also provide notarizations for all types of documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, apostilles, and other legal, medical, and technical papers!






Meeting International Criteria and Standards in Nearly One Hundred Different Languages

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com can offer you a wide array of online translator services and sworn translations in nearly one hundred different languages. Not only do we hire only the best of the best translators in the industry, they also have many years of professional experience! With that amount of professional practice, we can provide you with certified translations of the greatest possible quality. Speaking of great quality, because of our translators’ high level of expertise, we can ensure that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will accept our translation services too! Interested? Avail of our online certified translation services today!

Professional Online Translators Available 24/7. Non-Stop World-Class Quality All Day, Every Day!

Here at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, we can guarantee you that we are the best that the market has to offer when it comes to translating documents online! Not only do we offer top-caliber translators, but our lines are also open 24/7! You won’t find greater service anywhere else than what we offer. We are a top-notch and certified translation agency where only the top one percent of translators are considered for employment. When you think “world-class quality online certified translation services” think OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com.

Delivery Within the Same Day of Ordering!

Tired of waiting for almost a week for your translation requests? Well, here at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, we can guarantee you’ll be kissing those worries goodbye! Typically, our notarized translations are delivered within the next day or two business days, depending on the length of the document. Customers who need translation services right away, on the other hand, have the option of using our urgent service to have their papers completed on the same day! That’s right! Feel the lightning-fast speed of our OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com and you’ll never have to waste days waiting for an accurate translation of your files!

Online Privacy Is Our Priority

As we dive deeper into the digital age, more prying eyes are after your sensitive information. Here at our company, we know just how important data security can be! That’s why maintaining your privacy is one of our highest priorities. We make sure that our order and payment sections are protected by the most recent state-of-the-art encryption technology. Furthermore, as an additional layer of defense, all our employees go through criminal background checks. They also sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements before they work on your requests. We believe quality should always come with security.

Unrivaled Speed

We understand the dire need for fast acting service to meet deadlines. That is why all certified translations from our company are completed within one to two days. Need it sooner? For customers who need their translations quickly, they can select the “Urgent” option on our order page to ensure that they receive their certified translations online the same day. We are constantly developing new solutions at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com in order to better meet your needs.

We Hire Only the Best of the Very Best

At OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, we only hire the most qualified translators. We believe that our customers deserve only the best of the very best, which is why our translators are always stemming from the top 1% of the industry. We are proud to say that we have the most talented people in the legal profession, medicine, academia, and other fields to work with us. Aside from credibility rooted in ranking, we make sure all of our translators are native speakers of the language into which they are translating. That’s what makes our translations flawless in terms of cultural, social, and historical accuracy. They ensure that all translations are accurate, free of any language that might be considered offensive, and grammatically correct.

Sworn Translators

Here at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, we only submit outputs that have been translated and sworn by the assigned online translator in order for it to be accepted by major institutions such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The expert who translated it into English provides an official letter stating that he or she is qualified to translate the document and that the translations accurately represent the original content. Whether this may be a business letter or a birth certificate in need of translation online, we can provide this service with utmost quality, all standards met, and guaranteed approval of our certified translations.

Astoundingly Accurate Sworn Translations

When it comes to document translations, there is no room for careless mistakes like mistranslations and grammatical errors. Here at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, we see the dire need for accuracy when it comes to providing translated documents that are meant to be sent to both government and public institutions. In our company, our translators possess a wealth of experience in providing sworn translations both offline and online. We process a wide range of documents on behalf of corporations and government agencies all over the world, including the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Notarizations and Certifications Completed in a Blink of an Eye

Unlike most online document translation services, we are able to guarantee USCIS approval. We frequently work with government agencies, academic institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. As a result, we are familiar with the most recent formats and standards that they require. Furthermore, because of our world-class quality and remarkable international reputation as a top-caliber translation service provider, we can guarantee that the work we do will not be rejected and returned to us for rework. Say goodbye to costly and unreliable online certified translation services!

It’s as Easy as ABC!

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com is known for its easy-to-use interface. Our company makes it simple for you to order certified translations of nearly 100 different languages. You’ll be astonished at how simple placing an order is when you check out our order page. It only takes 4 easy steps! Before you know it, you’ve got a well translated document in the palm of your hands!

How It Works

OfficialDocumentTranslation.com simplifies the acquisition of certified translation services in Spanish, English, and over 90 additional languages. Try out our order page; you’ll be surprised at how simple it is.

Pick Your Preferred Service

If you’re in need of an online sworn translation of your papers into languages such as English, Chinese, Polish, or into any of the nearly 100 languages that we offer, all you’ll need to do is choose your desired language! Using the dropdown boxes to specify your options will prove to be a simple and straightforward process. Worried about prices? Well, our notarized translation prices are calculated on a page-by-page basis, and nothing more. If there is text on both pages of your document, we will count it as two pages. Here at our company, transparency is key! Say goodbye to hidden prices!

Submit Your Files

Please upload a high-resolution photo of your papers to the page where you make your purchase. You can also send the document photographs by fax or email to the address provided. Just make sure the document is readable!

Proceed With Your Purchase

In just five minutes, your order will be complete and sent to our finest translators to work on! You will notice that our translation service pricing is both affordable and extremely competitive in the market. If you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support team, and we will gladly assist you. We’re open 24/7! That’s it, non-stop world-class quality all day, every day!

Check Your Inbox!

The final certified translation papers should arrive within one to two business days. If you require an URGENT service, we will provide it within the day! You will never regret working with us because our online certified translation services are always done correctly, promptly, and with the best customer service available! What are you waiting for? Avail of our services now!

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24/7 Customer Support

With OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, you’ll never have to ever type “reliable online certified translation services” ever again! We believe in the importance of accessibility and time; therefore, we made it a major part of our company’s services. Our multilingual customer service staff is available around the clock to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have. You are welcome to get in touch with us at any time, and they will be happy to be of service to you. No waitlist, no restrictive call hours, just 100% non-stop customer service.

Top-Caliber Precision

OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com understands that sworn translations are particularly sensitive legal documents that must be translated precisely. There is no room for errors in such a sensitive document, and there is especially no room for late submissions. Here at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, our guiding principle is “speed and accuracy!”. All of our translations are completed by the most qualified and experienced translators available, and they are reviewed by team leaders and independent translators.

Data Privacy and Security Matters

Here, at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, we know just how important data privacy can be. In this day and age, there are always prying eyes looking for information to steal. Our company takes the protection of your information very seriously and uses robust security measures to ensure the safety and security of your personal details, documents, and transactions. Under no circumstances will anyone who is not currently working on your document be permitted to view it. In addition, we require that all employees sign non-disclosure agreements. If you’re looking for a safe, secure, and high quality online document translation service, make use of our notary and translation services right away!

Certified Topnotch Foreign Language Translations in over 90 Languages

Whether it’s English to Spanish or any of the over ninety languages we specialize in, we are the best company for your translation needs.  Call us, and our friendly professionals will always be on duty to assist you.

Testimonials and Reviews

We, at OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com, are proud to have provided online certified translation services to thousands of people, and in different languages. We are happy with the thought that we were able to successfully foster an understanding between different people all around the globe. Here are some of their thoughts on the quality of our services.
“I had a business proposal for American investors but it was written in Polish. I searched the internet far and wide for somebody reliable to translate documents online, but all I found were extremely expensive services and their customer service hours were so limited. Luckily for me, I found OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com. They gave the best proposal prices, certified translations online, and the fastest outputs sent out! I’m glad I found them. Their service was fast, very efficient, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Michael Kuchta, Warsaw, Poland.

“My formal letter to the president of a large Polish company was accurately translated by OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com.” They translate documents online extremely accurately, resulting in a strong partnership with my company.”

Ambrose Douglas, Indianapolis, U.S.A.

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The Translation Group is proud of its translation work. Here are samples of our language translation services.

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Why Choose The Translation Group over Other Translation Companies.

The Translation Group is a first-rate translation company with a track record of reliability and quick service. We have teams of multilingual translation and customer service agents ready to serve 24 hours a day. Because of that, we can commence translation at any time. Our speed is unmatched with our 1-2 days delivery service and the express same-day delivery guarantee for urgent orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We provide highly accurate certified translation in nearly 100 languages. Our translators are among the top 1% of all translators in the industry, but we still proofread their work. All of our work is guaranteed to be of high quality and at the best prices.
Here are our supported languages ▪ Afrikaans ▪ Albanian ▪ Amharic ▪ Arabic ▪ Armenian ▪ Azerbaijani ▪ Basque ▪ Belarusian ▪ Bengali ▪ Bosnian ▪ Bulgarian ▪ Catalan ▪ Cebuano ▪ Chichewa ▪ Chinese (Cantonese) ▪ Chinese (Mandarin Simplified) ▪ Chinese (Mandarin Traditional) ▪ Corsican ▪ Croatian ▪ Czech ▪ Danish ▪ Dari ▪ Dutch ▪ English ▪ Estonian ▪ Farsi/Persian ▪ Filipino/Tagalog ▪ Finnish ▪ Flemish ▪ French ▪ Frisian ▪ Galician ▪ Georgian ▪ German ▪ Greek ▪ Gujarati ▪ Haitian Creole ▪ Hausa ▪ Hebrew ▪ Hindi ▪ Hmong ▪ Hungarian ▪ Icelandic ▪ Igbo ▪ Indonesian ▪ Irish ▪ Italian ▪ Japanese ▪ Javanese ▪ Kannada ▪ Kazakh ▪ Khmer ▪ Korean ▪ Kurdish ▪ Kyrgyz ▪ Lao ▪ Latin ▪ Latvian ▪ Lithuanian ▪ Luxembourgish ▪ Macedonian ▪ Malagasy ▪ Malay (Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia) ▪ Malayalam ▪ Maltese ▪ Maori ▪ Marathi ▪ Mongolian ▪ Montenegrin ▪ Myanmar/Burmese ▪ Nepali ▪ Norwegian ▪ Pashto ▪ Persian/Farsi ▪ Polish ▪ Portuguese (European) ▪ Portuguese (Brazilian) ▪ Punjabi ▪ Romanian ▪ Russian ▪ Samoan ▪ Scots Gaelic ▪ Serbian ▪ Sesotho ▪ Shona ▪ Sindhi ▪ Sinhala ▪ Slovak ▪ Slovenian ▪ Somali ▪ Spanish ▪ Sundanese ▪ Swahili ▪ Swedish ▪ Tajik ▪ Tamil ▪ Telugu ▪ Thai ▪ Tigrinya ▪ Turkish ▪ Twi ▪ Ukrainian ▪ Urdu ▪ Uzbek ▪ Vietnamese ▪ Welsh ▪ Xhosa ▪ Yiddish ▪ Yoruba ▪ Zulu ▪ Among others
OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com is fortunate to have access to excellent human translators who are native speakers of the languages they are responsible for. Unlike most countries, we only hire the best of the best. All our translators must be a part of the 1% in the translation industry and also must be well aware of international legal standards when it comes to providing sensitive translation services such as United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) related document translations and birth certificate translations online. This allows us to produce translations that are both factually and culturally accurate, and guaranteed to be accepted by private and government institutions. We guarantee the most precise translations possible because we have the best translators available in every field of expertise. Other sworn translation firms, unlike ours, are unable to guarantee that the work they produce is free of potentially offensive language.
That is not required. Thanks to globalization and jumping into the 4th industrial revolution, you don’t need to look far and wide! OnlineDocumentTranslationServices.Com has sworn translators who are experienced, professional, and available to call 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We’ll answer your inquiries, tend to your needs, and pick up as soon as you call our hotline! Furthermore, we will provide you with the most affordable rates whenever you need to translate a document online. We will immediately begin working on your translation requirements. Our response time is far faster than waiting for the results of your Google search for "online document translation services near me".

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We are the industry leader in corporate, legal, and government document translation. Our services are unrivaled in terms of quality and precision. You can also expect prompt customer service and on-time delivery with every translation you order. Furthermore, we employ top-tier translators and customer service representatives with years of proven excellence in the field. We are your online sworn translation services partner. Call our hotlines right now!

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